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Welcome to The Pure Missouri Post by Kevin Worley and friends.

Our tagline is “Exploring the kick-ass geography, history and modern culture of the Show Me State from our headquarters in Possum Trot, Missouri”, and that’s what we plan to do.

We’ll cross Missouri to explore what’s new, what’s interesting, and to reminisce a bit about the past as well. We’ll try to avoid the obvious and oft-told tales as we bring you the stories, images and videos that are unique to our home state.

For instance: Did you know that New York’s Radio City Music Hall Rockettes was created in the image of the St. Louis-based “Missouri Rockets” dance troupe?

And the inventor of the Roomba vacuum cleaner was born in Springfield and grew up about 25 miles to the north, in Morrisville?

(Sometimes, we’ll even have useful information.)

In any case, from Kennett to Savannah, St. Louis to Kansas City, Springfield to Hannibal—and everywhere between—let’s build a community and reach out to our fellow Missourians across the state (and beyond). We’ll be the conversation starters, but we’re hoping to hear a lot from you, too.

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